Sciannamè extra virgin olive oil

Our oil is obtained from cultivar “Ogliarola garganica” of our olive groves located in two hilly areas in Vieste countryside.

Sciannamè extra virgin is 100% made in Italy, specifically in that corner of Italy kissed by the sun and touched by the wind twelve months a year: Vieste on Gargano promontory.

Till now, about 70% of our fields is cultivated with organic farming methods, which excludes the use of pesticides and this is certified by the control association “Ass. Suolo e Salute s.r.l.”.

The oil obtained by Ogliarola Garganica has a golden green colour, an intense aroma of olives just pressed, it is full-bodied and releases its typical pinch in your throat.

The taste is pleasant, harmonious, full, with a surprising note of bitter almond, a peculiarity of fruity oil.

Sciannamè extra virgin is as good to the taste as the body, as it is rich in oleic acid, formidable “cleaner” of arteries, in polyphenols, with undoubted protective virtues against cellular aging, and in vitamin E, another essential antioxidant.

In our oil you will find all the flavours of Apulia and the authentic taste of a unique, genuine and healthy product.